Friday, July 8, 2011

One week

We have been a family of eight for one week now. Thomas seems to be adjusting beautifully. The twins are doing much better than I expected... jealousy issues have been at a minimum. Daddy is thrilled with his new son and the feeling is mutual. Big siblings are so relieved to have us home that to them anything else is a bonus.

I feel... weird. Unexpectedly down. Slightly panicky. I've also been sick almost all week. I'm feeling impatient and out of sorts. Not like a thrilled new mommy should feel... sigh.


Jennifer said...

I think that's a pretty common feeling when returning from Ethiopia. Glad that Daddy is there to help out; rest up and feel better! (Oh, and take pics when you can).

Becky and Naing said...

The expectation and anticipation are all over. Now the real hard work starts. It is ok to feel that way. Get yourself better and things will be better. So glad Thomas and the twins are doing well with each other!

Shannon- said...

Could it be... being far too accustomed to the "waiting for the other shoe to fall" syndrome? Oh wait.. perhaps I'm projecting... HA!! (of course) Enjoy this time. You just went through a major event too- traveling and readjusting to altitudes took me a week or so. I'm so happy for you and seriously Paula-- thank you. Thank you for your kind words these past weeks.