Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kids Bowl Free!

We signed up for a program this year (at the recommendation of a friend) called "Kids Bowl Free". Each week, we get a coupon via email for each child to bowl two free games per day (shoe rental fees not included). We have used our coupons a couple of times this year, but you could theoretically take your kids bowling for free every day. Not including snacks, the above mentioned shoe rental, games for big people etc. Still, I think it's an awesome deal and I believe it's offered at bowling alleys across the country.

Each kid has their own unique bowling style:

First up, Candace prefers the brute strength caveman style.

Followed by Sarah, who utilizes a less confident
but equally effective approach.

Thomas is up next, and he favors a cool style with lots of flair.

Last up was big sister Emily, but fortunately for her, the shots I took of her didn't come out so well. But here she is relaxing with her fellow bowlers.

All in all, it was a very fun outing!


alainaw30 said...

So glad you're enjoying it! I'll have to get you the pictures I took of the girls while you were in Ethiopia.

Me said...

Love it!