Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where is my supersuit?

I seem to know a lot of women who have supersuits in their closet... they run marathons, organize charitable benefits, drop everything to pack up and move to third world countries, start non-governmental organizations to help the impoverished, maintain actual real full-time jobs, have homey welcoming houses, renew themselves spiritually with Bible devotion every day, prepare delicious healthy meals, knit sweaters or write witty and nationally recognized blogs all while caring for at least a half a dozen high achieving, challenging and active children.

I feel like such a slacker. I don't own a supersuit.

Most days, I think I'm doing great if I get two or three errands done, make dinner and get the twins in bed without too much yelling. I really have to limit myself on what goals I set for any given week because I get so easily overwhelmed. One of my favorite blogs had a challenge to rock your attachment challenged child every day for 15 minutes for 30 days... no way was I going to publicly commit to that; I knew it had real potential to be another thing to "fail" at!

I just want to know where the supersuit store is located... I could sure use one.


E Lohroff said...

when you find the store, send me the web site, please, so I can get one, too

Tom said...

I think you have one already, and just don't realize it. You're comparing the real you to the external appearance of others. I'm sure all those supersuited moms have their challenges, too. Making comparisons like this will just have you feeling bad about yourself. You're a terrific wife, mother and person, and we all appreciate the real you.

Kristen said...

Tom... you just clothed your wife in her "supersuit"! You are a treasure!

Lori S said...

No matter what anyone else says, only WE can put on that supersuit (I haven't given up hope that there's one out there!!) and accept that we're wearing it with belief that we are and can make a difference.
I truly believe that no matter how many struggles you endure each day, that YOU are making a difference!!! YOU are supergirl!!! Love You!!
Thank you for the comment on my blog! Even if we don't live close, we can be there for each other!!

Becky and Naing said...

You are amazing Paula. All the challenges you have been through the last 2 years and you are going to bring another wonderful child into your family. That is amazing!
Give yourself a break and do what you do everyday and at the end of the day if you have children that are happy, healthy and loved, that is all that matters.