Monday, January 3, 2011

An evening out

This evening, we went to dinner at the aptly named Ethiopian Restaurant with our friends, Coree and Roger and their three daughters Ellen, Libby and Emma. I used to coach Libby and Emma in gymnastics. They were having an out of town visitor, another of my former proteges, Skye.

Here I am posing with two of my favorite little gymnasts,
Skye and Libby:

And here, Skye and Emma amusing the twins
by pretending to be horses:

I can only hope that the very kind restaurant owner was equally amused. Thankfully, we were the only patrons still in the dining room at this time. :)


Jennifer said...

Those girls must be extra petite because aren't you tiny?
Looks like fun!
I see the curls are back!

Paula said...

Ha, ha Jenny...! No, I am not tiny. I'm 5'6". I was about the third or fourth tallest person working at the gymnastics school, counting the men. My daughter Anna IS really tiny though.

Kristen said...

You are too tiny, just a bit tall and tiny! I am short! :)
What a great time you must have had w/ your former gymnasts!!!

Kimberly already has two full ride offers with a few others coming. I think she's made up her mind however... will keep you posted!