Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to the drawing board

Within the last week, both of the twins have been back to visit with Cathy, our attachment and trauma therapist. Have I mentioned how much I love her? I don't know why I didn't take them sooner. It's so easy to get caught up in everyday life and not notice all the little things that could use some work until they are great big things slapping you in the face. Starting school and the stress that brought with it was a wake-up call that our attachment and trauma issues are a work in progress. It's amazing to Tom and me how immediate the improvement is after an hour with Cathy. Not totally "fixed", but improvement you can definitely see. Also, we can definitely use a refresher on our attachment and trauma parenting from time to time. So here's to paying attention and going back to the drawing board.


Shannon- said...

Thanks for posting this. We start next week. My guy is only 3.5 so I'm not overly expectant on what results will be... I feel like I need the parenting help. After the first '10 minute meeting'- the therapist said... ummm ok- so we'll be only starting with 15 minute sessions until he can sit still.... oy.

coffeemom said...

thats h ow it is here w/ my kids w/ attachment/trauma issues too. I can close my eyes to it a bit, now and then, if only out of exhaustion and then it starts slapping us in the face (not literally, thankfully...but you get the idea). Brava to you for jumping back in! Hang in there! M