Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, 2010

We rang in the New Year with a trip to Disney World. I am happy to report that it went surprisingly well, despite a trying 3+ hour drive in bad weather to the airport in Kansas City, and the ridiculously large holiday crowds at the park. It was a little chilly while we were there, but a lot warmer than the subzero temperatures we came home to!

Kids on Main Street

Sarah and Candace with Snow White... Candace's favorite princess!

Tom, Anna and the twins swimming on one of the warmer days.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie


Jennifer said...

I am so jealous! Warmer weather and Disney World! Were the girls tall enough to go on a lot of rides?

steffany said...

we should definitely hook up in KC sometime....I didn't realize you were that close:)

Kristen said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
Not so fun - sub-zero temps. COLD here in Indy too!

Happy New Year Spear's family!!!

Bennett said...

Nice! I bet the girls really enjoyed that. I am going in July!, yes in the hot, over charged and over crowded parks.
Love the pics!

did they enjoy the rides and what parks did u got to?