Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank you, friends

I have received so many supportive and kind phone calls, emails and comments on my blog that I just wanted to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family... the ones I "really" know and the ones I know through cyber space... my heart feels lighter just knowing that God has allowed all of these wonderful people to be part of my life.

The girls and I are leaving tomorrow for a trip to Milwaukee for a diving meet followed by the much anticipated trip to visit family in Indianapolis. (Kenneth and Tom will join us in Indiana for the weekend.) Please pray that we reach our destinations safely and sanely. It's a LOT of driving.


steffany said...

Hey Paula.
Can't find your email.
Email me

Julie said...

Hang in there.....I'm so behind I'm just now reading your blog post, almost a month late. The pout thing...I hate it, too. I'm learning to ignore it, it's just how they are used to getting what they want. They'll figure out it doesn't work...I'm taking privileges away from mine if they pout..(at bedtime, if they pout, no story...they stopped right away.)But it's not always that easy....it WILL get better.