Thursday, June 4, 2009

Embassy Day

Before you get excited, again, I am posting for Paula, but the pictures were not attached!!

Yesterday was our embassy appointment.  We had an appointment for 1:30, but we weren't actually called until close to 3:30.  There were two agencies with appointments, Hope and AAI.  The AAI group was much larger and all of their families went first.  We were nervous for the appointment, but it took about five minutes once our name was called, and it all took place through a window at a counter... not really what we were expecting!  We got a packet of stuff afterward from Ashanafi, the Hope social worker, that included birth certificates, the adoption decree and translations of documents.  Ashanafi will bring the visas, passports and other documents to all of the families working with Hope tomorrow.  There are four of us and they are all staying here at the Yeka guest house.  I'm including a picture of the girls I took this morning with their hair down.  It is so cute and curly!  They have been just the sweetest little things, although I guess they cried when Tom and I left today to go take pictures at the baby house.  Nice to know they missed me. :)  They really seem to love us all, and have spent a lot of time playing with Kenneth, Emily and Anna.  The other photo is one of them playing with Emily and Anna at the guest house.  We are all tired, both mentally and physically.  Everyone is ready to come home.  There is so much to tell, but the internet is here is sketchy, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.  


Johanna said...

Darn it, I am dying to see a picture of the girls with their hair down! I guess I can be brave and wait 3 days though. Thank you Celeste for posting the updates!

Aunt Johanna

Bennett said...

you are so welcome Aunt Johanna

I wanted to see those pics and was let down when I got to the end of the message and saw no pics. I hope Paula can send them before she leaves.

Jennifer said...

A couple more days until you have your girls home; glad the girls are attaching so well!

Kristen said...

Johanna... I am dying to see a pic too!

Can't wait till you are all on your way back home!

Cara Meyer said...
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Cara Meyer said...

I haven't been able to read the last 2 posts. I can only read the first line of each. I am "dying" to read them. Just thought I'd let you know! ;)

Becky and Naing said...

I'm crying reading, so glad this has gone well for your family.