Sunday, March 15, 2009

STILL Waiting

I'm trying not to get discouraged or pessimistic. It's hard.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you are having to wait so long; it must be awful. One of my twins is Selam also! Your girls are with Celeste's? Very cool. I love the message that they can do the shoulder dance; I'd love to see that! Hope you hear soon!

Becky and Naing said...

Paula, hope you hear soon. do you know what the hold up is?

Paula said...

Jennifer, yes my girls are with Celeste's. They came from the same orphanage in Nazret. Becky, we really don't know what the hold up is except that key agency personnel were travelling back to the US from Ethiopia on Friday... very frustrating.

Kristen said...

I am sorry my friend.
Praying you hear something very soon.