Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas day! We did... My girls are sporting the traditional "wear your pajamas all day long" look favored by the female members of the family. I wore mine all day too, but as I am the one taking the photos, you don't get to see me in them. The males don't participate in this tradition, alas, even when provided with comfy Christmas jammies.

That is not wine in Anna's glass. Just so we're clear on that.

We spent Christmas eve going to Mass followed by a get together in Omaha with my cousins. We greatly missed my Aunt Pat this year; she passed away in August.

Wishing you Christ's peace and joy throughout the remainder of the year and always.


Kristen said...

I love "stay at home in your jammies" days! I did that on Friday! It was wonderful! Now, I want to make sure that next year one of your girls gets a pic of you in your jammies for the blog! ;)

You kitty looks so cute under the tree! (and in the dryer too)

I know what you mean about missing a loved one at Christmas. It was hard this year w/out Jim's dad! But as our Pastor said in his Christmas card to us..."he's Harking w/ the Herald Angels this year!"

Man... that pic of the lake... you are right! Brrrr! I was so cold here last weekend as well! Single digits! On Saturday of this week it was 61! CRAZY!

My nephews are currently in the living room watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - it's their fav!

steffany said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Love Pj's all day.

Any word on the twins?!