Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lady bug, lady bug fly away home

My house is inundated with these little lady bugs. More accurately, I believe they are called Asian beetles. They were purportedly imported into the United States some years ago to control pests in soy bean fields. The local wisdom is that the soy bean harvest drives them out of the bean fields and into the houses of poor unsuspecting homeowners. Now they are pests in Midwestern houses. We have hundreds of them in our house. Every day I clean up their little bug carcasses, and the next day there are a zillion more. This photo is of one of the little beauties posing in a bowl of gourds on my kitchen counter. Sure, they're pretty, but they also bite! May they all die soon. RIP.


Christine said...

Better than flies which is what we deal with here in cow country. :)

Paula said...

You've got me there, flies are worse. We do get the occasional beef cow wandering the streets of our neighborhood. We live in a lake development out in the country, pretty much surrounded by farms, one of which has some pretty ramshackle fencing.

Country living, got to love it!