Sunday, November 2, 2008

A bad day for Emily

My poor baby. As you may know, we are a gymnastics family. I am a coach, and both of my daughters are or have been gymnasts. (Tom and Kenneth get quite tired of gymnastics conversations.) Anna quit in February after sustaining several broken bones in her hand/arm: she's dislocated an elbow (required a cast), broken a finger and hand bone (required a cast), broken her thumb (required a cast) and the final straw was a stress fracture in her wrist just one week after getting a cast removed. So she moved on to high school cheerleading and diving and is very happy.

Emily, however, is sticking it out for one last year of competition before going to college next fall. Today was a "show day" at Premier; a deadline day for the optional gymnasts to demonstrate certain skills for the upcoming meet season. Alas, while warming up her front tumbling pass, Emily managed to roll both ankles. After a couple of hours in the ER, the verdict is a nasty sprain of her right ankle; at least there is nothing broken and no cast required. But my girl is on crutches for the week and who knows how long it will take to get the ankle back to full strength? She now has two bad ankles... Her first meet is New Year's weekend and includes a much anticipated New Year's Eve trip to Times Square in NYC. So please say a quick prayer that Emily will heal well and quickly. She's worked so hard for almost six years!


E Lohroff said...

Ow ow OW!

Kristen said...

I cringed when I about Emily. Ouch! How I know all to well what that injury feels like!

I will pray she recovers well and quickly... I want to hear about a NYE trip to NYC!!!!

Andy and Linda said...

So sorry Emily. Get better fast!

Paula said...

Thanks all for your concern. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Emily will get to go to her big meet in NYC. The coach decided yesterday that she would not be ready, so he did not buy Emily a plane ticket for the trip. She is very disappointed and even mentioned quitting. There have been other issues this year and gymnastics hasn't been too fun. We had a good conversation about her gymnastics and what things we can change with regard to coaching decisions etc (not much) and what things we have to just accept even though we don't agree with them (pretty much everything). We talked about doing things for personal satisfaction and for the pride felt by Tom and I and how the approval of her coaches or others is out of our hands and not necessary. We decided level 8 is just fine with us and we don't need our decision to be validated by anyone else. She said even though she's discouraged and hurt now, that she thinks she would regret quitting. She's in a pretty hard core program, and I'm sad that the coaching staff can't seem to be more compassionate than they are, but it's definitely on the list of things we can't change! I am so proud of my wonderful, smart, sensible, mature, thoughtful, beautiful and TALENTED daughter. I thank God for her every day! Every single day! I love her beyond words.

Kristen said...

Oh Paula,
I am so sorry for Emily... I can so understand her disappointment. I admire her courage and maturity.

God will bless her!