Monday, September 29, 2008

Pie In The Face

Let me begin by saying I have nothing adoption oriented to talk about today.

So, on to other news. Yesterday was the annual pep rally at Premier Gymnastics, where I coach the level 3 and level 4 teams. After some skits and cheers by each of the teams, we have the highlight of the evening for the kids which is the "pie the coach raffle", a fundraiser for the booster club. I guess getting pied in the face may have its charms, but they have been lost on me for a couple of years. Of course, I'm always ready to see others get a pie in the face! Here, for example, are a couple of photos of beloved oldest daughter Emily taking a hit from one of her teammates. As a part- time coach (on her day off from practice), she is fair game in the high stakes of pie the coach. Note the enthusiasm with which Emily's teammate smears the pie all over her face and head. These were yummy pies, too. Emily's featured jello, whipped cream and green peppers.

I was feeling pretty good at the end of the evening. There are usually eight pies, and all of the raffle pies were done. I was pie-free for the first time in four years. The last pie is coaches choice. Usually, we pie the senior gymnasts if we have one... Emily. However, I was tricked! The coaches opted to pie the senior gymnast's mother this year, since the gymnast already got hers. My pie was red jello, whipped cream and broccoli. I didn't know about the broccoli until I found some in my shower after washing my hair

Well, it's probably my last pie in the face. And gosh, that actually makes me a little sad.


Kristen said...

Ick!!! Broccoli jello salad!
Sounds like a lot of fun! Why didn't we think of that back in the day! I believe the Booster Club would have made A LOT of money had we been afforded the opportunity to hit Bob w/ a pie in the face! LOL!

Are you coming to Indiana anytime soon???

Have a wonderful day!

Paula said...

I think my mom would have personally shelled out a lot to pie Bob.

Not sure when the next Indiana trip will be... lots of things are up in the air right now.